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Carmex Lip Balm Click Stick Strawberry SPF 15   4.25g

Carmex Lip Balm Click Stick Strawberry SPF 15 4.25g

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The new Carmex Click Sticks;
*Help condition and moisturise the lips
*Help to protect lips from the wind and dryness
*Provide SPF 15 as well as broad spectrum protection
*Are intensely fruity - Cherry and Strawberry
*Have an exclusive patented Movement Control
*Technology ensuring easy repeat application
*Can be worn under or over lipstick
*Provide a long lasting glossy shine
*Are easy to carry
*Are based on the traditional Carmex combination of menthol and camphor in a soothing base of cocoa butter and waxes

It tingles!
Carmex is a chic little lip balm, designed to help protect lips against chapping. It is famous for its sexy and kissable tingling sensation and now comes in the traditional jar, the squeeze tube and the new Click Stick range. All are funky retro containers which slip easily into makeup bags, purses, pockets or glove boxes for a quick application of glossy long-lasting lip coverage.
Best Use
*Carmex Click Sticks with SPF 15 are a must have accessory for lazy days at the beach, a snow filled adventure or any outdoor activity. The fruity flavours will be a hit with the kids and teens. And the original flavour is perfect for the blokes. With so many products to choose from, every member of the family can find their favourite!
*Carmex Lip Balm has become a very popular daily, all year round product, providing the lips with protection. Many of its customers believe it has almost mystical powers and never leave home without their Carmex.

Carmex - the No. 1 recommended lip balm in the USA 10th year in a row!
*Carmex has been a leading choice in lip balms for years. In fact, the USA Pharmacy Times magazine conducts an annual survey asking what products pharmacists recommend most. For ten consecutive years, Carmex has been the number one recommended lip balm. It was recommended more than twice as often as the next highest-ranked lip balm.


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