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Bioears Ear Plugs 3 Reusable Pair & Carry Case

Bioears Ear Plugs 3 Reusable Pair & Carry Case

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*The first antimicrobial earplugs for general use that help prevent earplug contamination and Swimmer's Ear. When ordinary soft silicone earplugs are handled they may become contaminated before placing in the ears. BioEars helps to reduce the contamination by using exclusive Microban technology, the leader in antimicrobial protection.

*For noise and swimming.
*Helps prevent earplug contamination
*Helps prevent Swimmer's Ear
*Carrying case included
*Universal fit-one size fits all
*BioEars contains an antimicrobial agent which inhibits growth of microbes
*BioEars is safe for everyone including children.
*BioEars has a noise protection rating of 22 which is equal to most Soft silicone earplugs
*BioEars is water proof and may help to prevent Swimmer's Ear.


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