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Assurance Plus Pregnancy Test Test Strip 2 Tests

Assurance Plus Pregnancy Test Test Strip 2 Tests

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b>Test Strip Assurance Plus+ Early Pregnancy Test

For testing up to 7 days earlier than your expected period or 7-10 days
after conception

1. Urinate into the container provided or some other clean dry cup.
2. Remove the test from the foil pouch and familiarise yourself with the product.
3. With arrows pointing towards the urine, dip the test strip vertically in the urine specimen for at least 5 seconds. Do not pass the maximum line on the test strip when dipping the strip into the urine specimen.
4. Remove the test strip from the urine specimen, place it on a non-absorbent flat surface and begin timing.
5. As the test begins to work, you may notice a light coloured flow moving across the test region (T) and control region (C) on the test strip. Read the result at 3 minutes. If no coloured line appears, wait 1 minute longer. Do not read the results after 10 minutes.


Q. How does the test work?
A. The Assurance Plus + Midstream early Pregnancy Test detects a hormone in your urine called hCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin that is produced by the developing placenta. The levels of hormone produced double every couple of days. The test detects this hormone at a concentration of 25mlU/ml, which is achieved approximately 7-10 days
after conception.

Q. How early can it detect a pregnancy?
A. The Assurance plus+ Early Pregnancy Test strip can detect a pregnancy as early as 7-10
days after conception or 3-7 days before your next menstrual period.

Q. When can I perform the test?
A. Although you can test at any time of the day, your first morning urine is usually the most concentrated urine of the day, therefore, would have the most hCG in it if it was present at all.

Q. How accurate is the test?
A. In both laboratory and consumer clinical studies, Assurance Plus+ Midstream early Pregnancy Test has been proven to be greater than 99% accurate.

Q. Which factors may affect the test results?
A. Drugs which contain hCG (such as Pregnl, Profasi, Pergonal,APL) can five a false positive result. Alcohol, oral contraceptives, painkillers, antibiotics or hormone therapies that do not contain hCG should not affect the test results.

Q. What should I do if the result shows that I am pregnant?
A. It means that your urine contains hCG and you are probably pregnant. See your doctor to confirm that you are pregnant and to discuss the steps you should take.

Q. How do I know that the test was run properly?
A. The appearance of a coloured line in the control window (c) indicates you followed the test procedure correctly and the proper amount of urine was absorbed.

Q. What should I do if the result shows that I am not pregnancy?
A. It means that no hCG has been detected in your urine and probably you are not pregnant. If you do not start your period within a week of its due date, repeat the test with a new midstream test. If you receive the same result after repeating the test and you still do not get your period, you should see your doctor.



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