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A Coconut Oil Miracle Book By Bruce Fife

A Coconut Oil Miracle Book By Bruce Fife

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Could you imagine being unemployed, homeless, and forced to beg in the streets for food? Not a pleasant thought is it? But this is the life many people face throughout the world. Millions of poverty stricken children and their families go to bed hungry each night not knowing where their next meal is coming from. Often, it is found in the refuge discarded by others as unfit to eat. Half naked children as young as 3 and 4 years of age roam the streets begging for food. If you live in an affluent country like the US, sights like this are rare, but in Third World counties they are common.

The plight of these people was made clearly evident to me when I made my first trip to Asia. My heart went out to the many underweight and malnourished children begging for food. No one should be forced to live like this, I thought. I wanted to help, but how? How could one person help so many in need? By myself I could do little. This was a global issue. The solution would require a global effort‰ÛÓa task far beyond my limited capability. I felt helpless.

Although I didn't realize it at first, the answer to the problem, or at least a partial answer, was staring me right in the face. The solution? It was simple‰ÛÓcoconut. Yes, coconut was the answer. The reason I had come to Asia was to teach the people about the nutritional and medicinal benefits of coconut. This is an abundant and renewable, natural resource that has been vastly underdeveloped.

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